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Linden Producers Club

The newly established Linden Livestock website and Producers club will provide an effective communication link between Linden’s suppliers and the Linden livestock team.

One of the many features of the new interactive website will be the ability of producers to register their Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Rosé veal calves, online.

Another feature the website offers is the facility for Linden staff to in keep producers informed of all the latest news and developments within the producers club.

It is envisaged that in time slaughtered animals details will be given live on the website.

The website will benefit farmers in the management of their farms more efficiently, by providing a tool which will allow Linden staff to feed back on animal performance information and important welfare data such as liver fluke damage.

In a time were farmers are finding it increasingly harder to sustain profitability, and with input costs continuing to rise it is even more important efficiency is maximised to ensure a progressive future within our farming industry demonstrating the benefits Lindens Producer club offers.

Through collaboration between producers and Linden staff developing a stronger relationship with our suppliers and assisting their growth within the industry.

With the obvious advantages the website offers, we hope it will be a success for both Linden Foods and our producers, and would encourage all new and existing producers to join our producers club on line.

If you have any suggestions on how the producers club website could be improved or amended benefit our suppliers please feel free to contact us.