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Grass Project

A second farm walk took place recently on the farm of Larry Nugent at Tassagh a few miles outside Armagh city, with the first farm walk having taken place in early May.

Larry is working closely with CAFRE and Linden Foods on a grass project were the aim is to monitor the output of beef hectare. The project is sponsored by Marks and Spencer as part of their ‘Farming for the Future’ Programme. The project which will supervised by the local CAFRE Beef and Sheep Adviser Senan White will investigate the benefits of rotational grazing compared to set stocking on a commercial beef farm.

The project is centred around the performance of 60 Aberdeen Angus steers on the project that Larry purchased from Linden Livestock. The cattle have been split into two equal groups with one group been traditionally set stocked while the other will be rotationally grazed with paddocks.

The project will look at all aspects of grassland management from reseeding to weed control and soil fertility including soil compaction. The performance of the two groups of stock will be monitored by regular weighing though out the grazing season, and their overall performance until slaughtered. The initiative has been a great success with local farmers with over 30 beef producers attending both the grass group farm walks.