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Students Present proposed food product to M & S

On Friday 7th March 10 groups of second year CAFRE Greenmount undergraduate students presented to a panel how they would establish a supply chain for a new agricultural or horticultural product. The product has to meet the requirements of a Marks & Spencer’s supplier.
The students were given the opportunity to research a potential food product, outlining the key elements involved from “field to fork” supply chain management associated with their product.
The products presented to the panel ranged from frozen yogurt to goats ice cream, with some samples available for the panel to taste.
The picture above shows the winning group, they proposed “Erne Wheaten bread”, with locally sourced wheat and a strategic plan to market the product regionally, with a strong emphasis on logistic management.
The panel commented on the high standard of the student’s presentations and the obvious amount of time and effort put into them.
The winners will now receive an all-expense paid trip to London in June to visit the Marks and Spencer headquarters and meet with senior staff.