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Grassland Management techniques too reduce Emissions

Improve technical efficiency through improved grassland management and reduce the level of Green House Gas emissions.

This will be achieved by:

1. Establish a rotational grazing system for both suckler and beef finishing animals to improve utilisation of grazed grass and improve overall farm stocking rate by 25%
2. Implement a soil and sward improvement plan
3. Benchmark performance of both a beef finishing enterprises and by December 2016 achieve a 25% improvement in Gross Margin.
4. By December 2016 through the use of BovIS data achieve a 50% increase in the number of finished animals meeting market specification. BovIS (Bovine information System) is used to match up slaughter information from the abattoir with data held on APHIS (Animal and Public Health Information System) allowing producers to monitor lifetime animal performance.
5. Put in place effective animal weighing facilities to allow safe, regular weighing of all stock.
6. Use AFBI Carbon calculator to monitor the effects of improved technical efficiency on the carbon footprint of the beef produced on the farm.