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Keady Group Looks at Reseeding Options

Keady Grass Group Looks at Reseeding Options in Association with Linden Foods and Marks & Spencer at Larry Nugent’s farm, Tassagh, Country Armagh.
The group has met now for the third time this grass season. The aim of the meeting was to assist farmers to adopt grass technologies to improve overall utilisation of their pastures.
The farmers were welcomed by Senan White (CAFRE), Frank Foster (Supply Chain Manager, Linden Foods) & Anna Playfair Hannay (Agriculture Technologist, M&S).
The meeting focused on the importance on grassland rejuvenation while Senan expressing the importance of addressing soil compaction. Joe McCarragher demonstrated on the night with a McConnel Shakerator.
Joe also demonstrated an airseeder as a method of overseeding to rejuvenate a sward.
Dr Trevor Gilliland & Dr Eamonn Meehan, (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Plant Test Station, Crossnacreevy) spoke on the aspects of the costs of a reseed. Dr Gilliland expressed the need for farmers to closely examine their sward, soil testing for fertility and decide whether a full reseed is required. Dr Meehan emphasised the need for the creation of a firm seedbed to give the best opportunity for success. Dr Gilliland & Dr Meehan both highlighted the benefits to be obtained from grass and clover varieties tested and trailed under Northern Ireland conditions and persuaded farmers to consider these when choosing a grass seed mix.
The next Farm Walk will be on Thursday 9th of October @ 7.00pm. Anyone wanting to attend contact someone at Linden.