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Trip to Teagasc beef open day 2016

On Tuesday 5th July Linden group took 30 farmers to the Teagasc Animal & Grassland, Research and Innovation Centre in Grange, County Meath for a beef open day. There were informative talks from Teagasc researchers and advisors on all aspects of beef production including suckler and dairy X beef systems and the growing importance of genomics beef production.
As profitable technologies were a key focus, grassland management was addressed and demonstrations of 5 different options for reseeding including ploughing and min till systems could be seen in 5 adjacent plots sown out approximately 6 weeks prior to the open day. This allowed for comparison between the different options available and how each one impacted on the grazing sward. Advice was available on paddock grazing systems and how good grassland management can increase profitability within the farm business. Animal reproduction and health was also discussed in talks and on stand displays as it plays a key role in the profitability of the beef enterprise
There was a live forum debate including the Irish minister of agriculture on the importance of the beef industry within the agricultural sector and the role which young farmers play in sustaining agriculture as a key part of the economy. This has also been promoted through the increase in agriculture courses available and the CAP young farmers top up payment.