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Careful Use of Antibiotics

Although Europe has some of the strictest regulations in the world governing the use of Antibiotics in cattle, there is growing concern in both government and medical circles about Antibiotic resistance. All producers need to be aware that many of the bugs that infect humans also cause disease in Animals and in many instances the same Antibiotics are used to treat both.

It is widely accepted that Britain will impose maximum levels of Antibiotics in meat in the near future. It is advised tha farmers work closely with their Vet to ensure that Antibiotics are only used when absolutely necessary and that all withdrawal periods are adhered to.
Certain groups of Antibiotics that are widely used to treat humans such as Quinolones or Cephalosporins are not desired and should only be used to treat Animals when absolutely necessary and recommended by your vet.

Examples of drugs containing these antibiotics. (QUINOLONES - Baytril, Unisol, Fenoflox, Marbox, Enroxil, Barbiflox, Keracyl, Advocin, Ublifox, Powerflox, Forcyl, Marbocyl. CEPHALOSPORINS - Nisamox, Bimoxyl LA, Cefokel, Amoxypen LA, Cobactin 2.5%, Depocillin, Dimazon, Metricure, Cemay, Cevaxel RTU, Eficure, Ampicaps, Ceporex) This list is for example only and by no means a complete list.